Pam Pleasant – Enrollment Management

January 15, 2022 • Be Visionary, January 2022, VOTM

Nominated by Felicity White for Be Visionary

Through her role in admissions, Pam is always looking for innovative ways to improve the experience of our applicants. During the 2020-21 application cycle, all interviews had been pivoted to virtual in response to pandemic concerns. Incoming students were being offered seats in our programs without ever having an opportunity set foot on our campus. Pam saw that these incoming students were missing a connection to our campus and culture, so she developed and executed a pilot project for students entering the PA and DPT programs. Pam organized student ambassadors in these two programs to personally call and welcome the incoming student to HSC. The ambassadors would then act as personal touchpoints until the incoming classes arrived for New Student Orientation. Pam’s facilitation of these relationships helped incoming students develop connections to our campus community before even being able to visit our campus in-person. Now, during the 2021-22 application cycle, we are still conducting 100% virtual interviews and we still need to be innovative in the ways we help our incoming students connect to the culture and community at HSC. Pam is leading the effort on the A&R Events and Communication team to expand this pilot project to include incoming TCOM and PharmD students along with the PA and DPT students. Pam’s ability to find creative ways to provide remarkable service is inspiring to her teammates.

Pam Pleasant Headshot