Jose Diaz – Facilities Administration

December 15, 2021 • Nov.-Dec. 2021, Serve Others First, VOTM

Nominated by Lori Knowles for Serve Others First

In the 17 years I have worked at the HSC, no one has ever demonstrated “Serve Others First” with more heart than Jose Diaz. Since his passing, stories have poured out from across campus of all the good he did for others. The most recent before his passing, someone facing health challenges let me know that Jose left a note of encouragement on her desk just days before he went into the hospital himself…one example of many where he encouraged others. Jose helped others with their Spanish if they wanted to learn. He asked about others instead of talking about himself. Several have said that he was their first friend on campus. Numerous stories from Operations team members when Jose helped departments outside of his own with their projects from grounds to electricians. Jose helped two HSC team members rescue a baby squirrel they found on campus, nursed it back to health, and released it back into the wild. He always had a smile and a handshake for anyone that crossed his path. If you weren’t smiling, he would find a way to cheer you up. The phrase “servant’s heart” was mentioned often. Always willing to help others. Words can not begin to express the positive impact that Jose had on campus. He is deeply missed…

Valubility of the Month – Nov./Dec. 2021