Hayley Brunner – Library

February 15, 2022 • February 2022, Serve Others First, VOTM

Nominated by Laura Haygood for Serve Others First

Hayley Brunner serves her colleagues and the university community on a daily basis. Hayley was recently selected to serve on the campus engagement committee. Her service there led her to arrange a Library Staff Retreat to discuss ways to improve engagement within the library. Her work planning this event exemplified her commitment to serving others. Hayley planned the event, ensuring remote employees had a virtual option. She deftly engaged staff in discussion, soliciting ways in which we can all demonstrate HSC values and vision. In addition to hosting this event, Hayley actively engages with students via social media channels, demonstrating a commitment to their success. Hayley is a respectful colleague, seeking opportunities to collaborate with others to improve the library’s service and processes for the campus community.


Hayley Brunner Valubility of the Month