Dr. Abby Hulsizer – Pharmacotherapy

May 29, 2022 • Collaboration, May 2022, valubility, VOTM

Valubility of the Month May 2022 

Nominated by Elizabeth Hearn for Collaboration

Abby has showcased an extraordinary effort to unite our pharmacotherapy department. We have recently undergone a massive move to a new building, leading us to new offices in an unfamiliar building. Additionally, our department has grown quickly. In 2021, we added five new faculty members, and more are on the way in 2022. To help our department feel more at home in a new space and to aid in relationship building, Abby organized an office decoration competition that engaged everyone to get creative while we cozied into our new spaces, and the department came together to coordinator decor, snacks, and costumes. Ultimately, you could see many Marvel-themed offices filled with faculty members dressed as superheroes. Not only did this build camaraderie amongst all department members (old and new), but students visited for an opportunity to network with faculty members and grab refreshments. After the event wrapped up, Abby coordinated a faculty happy hour at a local brewery where we all got to relax, reflect on the fun day, and get to know each other better. To add to the fun, a newly hired faculty member was visiting us for the first time that day, and Abby (dressed as Loki) organized a campus tour, coordinated a luncheon, and invited them to the happy hour. What a way to welcome someone new to campus! Overall, Abby is an exemplary faculty member, and her efforts to unite our department through some lighthearted fun deserve recognition. Thanks for all you do, Abby!

Abby Hulsizer Valubility of the Month Nominee May 2022