Cory Brewer, David Lipe and Zachary Zanetich – Facilities Administration

May 29, 2022 • May 2022, Serve Others First, valubility, VOTM

Valubility of the Month May 2022 

Nominated by James Renfro for Serve Others First

I am so very appreciative of David, Cory, and Zach in their unwavering dedication to not only a phenomenal Facilities team, but in supporting the campus community in all of its endeavors. These team members quite literally “dropped everything” to come and set up the Annual Internship & Residency Fair for which our department had somehow missed putting in the Facilities setup request. We discovered this oversight the morning of the event and frantically called David to see if there was anything he and his team could do to help us prepare for the oncoming 15 medical residency programs and some 200 students who were expected to come through the MET. Without hesitation, this team came over very quickly, and got the tables and chairs set up exactly to specification (verbalized, since we did not turn in a written diagram!), and with time to spare. Thanks to their “Serving Others First” and dedication to the HSC, the event was a huge success and otherwise went off without a hitch! Of course, it was well within reason that any such request could have been met with a “sorry, can’t do that,” “your request was too late,” or “we have other priorities at the moment,” but not this team–their response was a very reassuring “we will do everything we can to help make your event a success!” Again, thank you all!

Valubility of the Month