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Child at UNT Health Science Center


UNTHSC,  Lena Pope and the Miles Foundation are pleased to announce the Miles Foundation Early Learning Center is now open and able to provide child care (for ages six weeks to five years) on our campus. The center, located at 3620 Modlin, is one more step in the Best Place for All’s journey to create a great place to work.

For additional questions, please contact Muya Hayes, Director of the Early Learning Center at 817-569-6255 or mhayes@lenapope.org



What ages will the new center serve?

The new ELC/UNTHSC campus will serve families with children 6 weeks to 5 years old.

How many classrooms/children will the new center serve?

The new center is being renovated to include 6 classrooms serving approximately 80 to 86 children.

Infant Classroom
 8 infants
Toddler Classroom
10 toddlers
Older Toddler/Young Preschool
3 year olds
4 year olds
4-5 year olds

When will the new center be open?

The center is open!

What is the cost of tuition?

Lena Pope is committed to providing access to quality early learning for all children. That means Lena Pope maintains a 50/50 split between our private pay families and families that qualify for sliding scale tuition rates and subsidized child care. Private pay rates are determined annually by comparing tuition costs of 10 to 15 area child care centers and setting a rate that is below the mid-point. Lena Pope’s current private pay weekly rates are:

  • Infants $260
  • Toddlers $237
  • Preschool $215

Sliding scale rates are determined by gross income and the number of people in the home. Families interested in determining whether they qualify for a sliding scale tuition rate can contact Susanne Luebke at 817-255-2570 or sluebke@lenapope.org. Prior to finalizing a sliding scale rate, families must provide verification of income.

Who can enroll their children into care? Is preference given to UNTHSC families?

Anyone with a child, ages 6 weeks to 5 years old can enroll their child in care. Lena Pope has guaranteed up to 70% of slots at the new facility for UNTHSC staff and student families. First priority will be given to any UNTHSC families that are on the current waitlist at the existing Lena Pope Early Learning Center along with those families that were anticipating being enrolled in care with Bright Horizons. Then, priority will be given to any other UNTHSC families wanting to enroll their child.

Does the new UNTHSC center provide part-time and/or summer care?

No. The new center provides only year-round, full-time care.

What will be the hours of operation?

The hours of operation will be Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.

How do I get on the waitlist?

To get on the waitlist, you must first attend a mandatory information session. You can contact Muya Hayes at 817-569-6255 or mhayes@lenapope.org.

At the information session, you will be provided an enrollment and registration packet. The enrollment form must be completed and returned prior to your child being placed on the waitlist. Parents/caregivers are welcome to complete the form prior to the information session. However, no enrollment forms will be accepted until an information session has been attended. Download the Enrollment and Registration Information form.

When can I see the new center?

Please contact the Learning Center to schedule a tour.

What if I am already on the waitlist for the ELC/Lena Pope campus?

Families already on the waitlist for the Early Learning Center on the Lena Pope campus will be given priority on the list for the UNTHSC campus and the opportunity to choose which campus they prefer to attend. Families that choose the UNTHSC campus will be given priority on that waitlist. Families that choose the Lena Pope campus will maintain their existing position on that list. Families will also have the option of being placed on both lists for the first available slot. It is important to note that the 70% guaranteed slots for UNTHSC families only pertains to the UNTHSC campus. Notification of preference must be made prior to April 1, 2018 for those families currently on the Lena Pope campus waitlist.

What if my child is already attending the current ELC?

UNTHSC families with a child currently enrolled at the Lena Pope campus may choose to enroll at the UNTHSC campus and will be given priority along with UNTHSC families on the current Lena Pope campus waitlist. Available slots will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Families that wish to move to the UNTHSC campus are asked to notify Lena Pope as soon as possible.

Can I choose which campus I want my child to go to?

Yes. Lena Pope will maintain a waitlist for each campus. Families may also choose to be placed on both lists for the first available slot. Please note that the current Lena Pope campus waitlist is extensive. Therefore, the wait at the current Lena Pope campus site may be longer than at the UNTHSC campus. Also, the 70% guaranteed slots for UNTHSC families pertains ONLY to the UNTHSC campus.

Do I have to be a current staff and/or student at UNTHSC to qualify for a guaranteed spot?

Yes. Only those who are current staff members and students at UNTHSC at the time the child begins attending the Center will be eligible for one of the guaranteed slots. Children already attending the Center when/if a parent or caregiver separates from UNTHSC as a staff or student will transition to be included in the 30% of slots made available to the community and will not be required to withdraw from care.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Please feel free to contact Mariah Esquivel at 817-569-6255 or mariah.esquivel@lenapope.org  with any additional questions or to receive more information.

This page was last modified on September 30, 2019