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It is my strong conviction that the successful work of HSC comes from you.

And I’d like to share that in 2018 we had a number of successful accomplishments and achievements that we all can celebrate — what I like to call big wins.

These accomplishments and achievements are the result of Extraordinary Teamwork. To celebrate our successes, I am including a Team Achievement Award of $600 before taxes in your Jan. 2, 2019, paychecks as a special thanks for your hard work. (I misspoke in the Campus Forum when I said the award was after taxes. My apologies.)

The Team Achievement Award is for all full-time employees who began work prior to Sept. 1, 2018. The award will be prorated for part-time employees. You all played a part in these accomplishments, and you should all share in the recognition.

Here are examples of our Extraordinary Teamwork:

We revamped our research division to better manage our programs and resources, and increased our research awards to $52.4 million, much of it in our Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Our Institutional Advancement team raised more than $21 million in private donations. Both are records for UNTHSC.

We lowered our shared services costs to the UNT System by $1.2 million, showed profitability in our UNT Health clinical practice plan and increased revenues by 10 percent in our Correctional Medicine operations.

The School of Health Professions elevated our PA program into a Texas powerhouse, and the PT program was just accredited through 2028, an extraordinary accomplishment.

The School of Public Health increased its research funding and its CPH pass rates.

Our College of Pharmacy built on its early successes with more research, new educational partnerships and high levels of community involvement.

TCOM received a 10-year accreditation with an exceptional outcome and the new School of Medicine received its inaugural LCME accreditation.

Our inter-professional education work received state and national recognition while shaping our students into collaborative, patient-focused providers.

We created new clinical rotation opportunities for our clinical students in hospitals and ambulatory care settings while also signing deals to create approximately 600-650 new residency positions across North Texas.

Our commercialization team increased licensing and tech transfer activities for our faculty, and our compliance team is overhauling and simplifying our policies.

Thank you again for all you do for the Health Science Center.

Happy holidays,

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Dr. Michael R. Williams
UNTHSC President
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