We’ve laid the foundation. Now let’s finish the house.

Published: January 25, 2018

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A consistent and recurring comment coming from employee orientation is that UNT Health Science Center’s values matter.

Our commitment to our values is creating momentum and giving us the ability to create a sustainable people culture. We’ve laid the foundation. Now it’s time to put the work in to complete our house.

Guided by our One University vision – as well as our mission and purpose – we are focusing anew on both strategy and performance. In practical terms, that means we want to equip the team with tools that will help them better do their jobs.

Guiding this effort is the Office of Strategy and Performance under the leadership of Frank Rosinia, MD. He will lead us to connect the dots between our mission, vision and values, and the operational elements – such as objectives, measures and tactics. Thank you in advance for helping him in this effort.

Where we’re going

I’ve talked before in my Town Halls about the journey from “here to there.” The steps I’ve outlined above are important milestones in this journey. Now let me share where we’re going.

I envision a future in Fort Worth where our students, graduates, research and services are central to health care in our community. Where all of our clinical students can rotate through all of the major hospitals and health care systems in the area. Where those same health care systems partner with us for professional training through INCEDO and for medical library services, through our National Libraries of Medicine-designated library, and join us in the groundbreaking North Texas Regional Institutional Review Board for clinical research.

We will be the educational partner on hundreds of new residency slots for medical school graduates, work with other universities on commercialization and tech transfer, and bring about an entrepreneurial spirit to biomedical research in Fort Worth.

We have a huge role to play in Fort Worth’s health care environment, and our work should be directed at putting UNTHSC at the center of that conversation. By staying focused on our One University vision of defining and producing the providers of the future, we can get there.

I look forward to seeing you at the Feb. 8 Town Hall, which will feature a panel discussion with UNT System Chancellor Lesa Roe and UNT System Regent Laura Wright. You can submit questions in advance by emailingquestions@unthsc.edu.

Please take the 13-question Gallup survey that will be emailed to you on Jan. 29 to assist us on our journey to become a “Best Place For All.” We use the survey results as a yardstick to help determine what needs to improve at UNTHSC. The more team members who complete the survey, the more accurate our results will be and that accelerates our progress.

My best always,
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Dr. Michael R. Williams
UNTHSC President