Achieving excellence through leadership

Published: July 27, 2017

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Technical skills and job competencies are important. But they don’t automatically translate into the leadership and management skills needed to lead teams to achieve excellence in an increasingly complex environment.

The best physicians, engineers, professors, or researchers may be the most technically competent in their respective fields. But that alone isn’t enough to make them effective leaders.

That’s one reason why UNT Health Science Center is making significant investments in your leadership development. It’s one way to meet our strategic goals and move us closer to fulfilling our vision of becoming One University, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future. Moreover, it enhances your own professional skills and value.

By including a diverse cross-section of our university, UNTHSC’s leadership programs ground us in our shared values, break down our institutional silos and create an environment for the extraordinary teamwork necessary to make our vision a reality. Participants in our leadership programs help create a shared awareness of the challenges we face and develop plans to align our strategies.

Everyone here, no matter the role, has the ability to shape our future providers and positively influence their HSC experiences and development. Their future patients and coworkers will never know your name, nor mine. But they will feel our impact. It’s a generational approach to leadership development, with an eye on the long game.

Find the program for you

Whether it’s Student Leadership Academy, Inspire, Leadership 125 or Fellows, there is a leadership development program designed for you – no matter where you are on the organizational chart or what your professional pursuits may be.

These programs serve a number of important purposes, such as learning how to build trust and improving our employee engagement and retention – key elements for a sustainable people culture and a strong financial future. They develop our leadership capabilities and make us better supervisors and managers.

We’ve already seen results. Our emphasis on leadership has led to creative health care solutions, such as partnering with TCU on an MD program, creating new affiliations with hospitals and health systems that will benefit all of our students, and working toward a community solution to creating new GME slots.

Our next step is to work with faculty leadership to create a leadership program aimed at addressing the specific needs of our faculty members. I encourage you to visit the OPD Leadership page to find a program that’s the right fit for you.

Flexible scheduling

Another group at UNTHSC that’s been doing important work as we build a sustainable people culture is our Best Place for All Team. One of the team’s key initiatives is building support for flexible schedules for employees. I am encouraging supervisors to review HR policy 05.601, Official Workweek & Hours of Work and then, where appropriate and at their discretion, allow for flexible scheduling with their team members. It’s good for employee satisfaction, retention and recruiting – and often does a better job of meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders.

Thank you for the work you do for the Health Science Center.

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Dr. Michael R. Williams
UNTHSC President