Our Program

The TRIUMPH Program

TRIUMPH was created as a self-directed imagery program and was designed to raise the awareness of what cancer patients can do toward their own healing by integrating their energies within modern medical care.

The program rests on the energy and passion for self-help that is based in spiritual-mindedness, as the human spirit emerges toward self-empowerment.

Understanding and insight, along with the support of others, can harmonize to add newer concepts to life itself.

Imagery is defined as our hopes and dreams, as well as our fears that can shape the way our bodies react to the invasion of foreign bodies and internal enemies.

Working through the realm of imagery, we can gain greater insight and bodily control.

It is within our potential that we can harness the power within to develop and enhance our personal strength.

Personal strength, love from others, and a higher wisdom can bring about personal clarity and a deeper understanding of our journey.