Sleep Research Lab

Sleep Research Lab


Good sleep is a vital sign of health.  Yet, millions of Americans daily do not put sleep at the top of their “to-do” list.  The Sleep Research Lab under the direction of Dr. Brandy M. Roane is dedicated to improving sleep health in all ages through experimental and clinical research.  We work with many individuals across the university and the nation to accomplish this.

Sleep Research Lab Purpose

Improve sleep health in all ages

Sleep Research Lab Vision

Be champions of good sleep health within the local community, the nation, and around the globe.

Sleep Research Lab Mission

Conduct rigorous and innovative research focused on (1) sleep and its impact on physiological, behavioral, and social factors and (2) effective prevention and intervention treatments that target sleep in order to improve health outcomes.

Ongoing Research

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Please note, the Sleep Research Lab DOES NOT provide clinical services. 

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