TTUHSC Lubbock Family Practice Residency Program

TTUHSC FMRP at Lubbock is dedicated to providing a superb training environment for Family Physicians of today and the future. We provide intense training in inpatient/outpatient medicine and obstetrics in all areas that encompass the entire breadth of Family Medicine. Our residents are trained to provide comprehensive health care in all settings, rural, urban, suburban, emergency medicine, outpatient and/or hospitalist practices, etc. We also have an intensive rural training track for residents that are interested in working primarily in rural communities across America.Our residents are trained at both a university environment at University Medical Center, our primary teaching hospital, and a community hospital environment at Covenant Hospital. This provides our trainees with both practice models to learn from and we consider this one of our strongest assets. We provide rural rotations, separate from the rural track, for everyone in the program for their rural experience. Our faculty physicians have diverse training and practice experiences and they thrive on preparing learners to become competent, independently functioning Family physicians upon completion of their training. We strive hard to bring out the best qualities out of every resident by providing a learning environment that is rich in feedback and ongoing faculty guidance and mentoring. We also have fellowships in Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine within the residency program and the faculty in these fellowships are also actively involved in teaching and mentoring our residents.

Stipends & Benefits

Family Practice Residency


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