Texoma Benefits

  • Texoma Medical Center’s Family Medicine Program is an unopposed residency; our residents enjoy extensive one on one time with faculty and other hospital physicians. There are many opportunities during each rotation and during clinic time to perform procedures and care for a diverse patient population.
  • Compensation: Our resident compensation model was developed using a market study of competitive salaries in our program region.
  • Employee Benefits Packages: are available at the same affordable price as all TMC Employees. This includes full medical, dental, eye, life and accidental injury insurance, 401k matching, UHS stock options, Employee Assistance Program and discounted area gym memberships. The  Employee Assistance Program includes the following resources available at low or no cost: Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Marital Counseling, Consultation for Work-related Problems, Alcohol/Drug Assessment and Counseling, Financial Counseling and Legal Counseling.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Texoma Medical Center provides all residents with professional liability insurance coverage for the duration of their training as indicated in the Resident’s employment agreement.  This coverage includes protection against awards from claims reported or filed after completion of training.
  • $1500 Yearly Education Stipend is provided by TMC for education purposes such as approved conferences, poster presentation materials, certifications, membership dues, textbooks, study resources for COMLEX III examination and COMLEX III examination fee.
  • TrueLearn© Board Preparation Subscription; designed to prepare residents for their initial board certification and in-service examinations. Built to reflect the real online testing environment and weighted to emulate the content structure of the exams, TrueLearn Test Prep pinpoints areas of weakness for targeted practice before exam day.
  • Online Library and Database Resources: Provided by the Texas OPTI in affiliation with the University of North Texas Health Science Center. Up to Date® subscriptions are provided to the residents by the hospital each year.
  • Personalized Elective Rotation Plan: Our residents with the supervision of our Program Director guide their elective rotations based on their future practice interests. (Ex: Procedure Oriented Practice; Women and Children’s Health Centered Practice; Sports Medicine etc.)
  • TMC Embroidered White Coats, white coat ceremony and reception on the first day of orientation. We welcome spouses, families and parents of our residents to join us for the presentation of our new class of residents, tours of the hospital and resident facilities and meet and greet with program faculty
  • Littmann® Model 3200 Electronic Stethoscope: TMC Volunteers provide new stethoscopes for each new class of residents to use for their three years of training. Residents can record heart sounds to play back for attendings or peers and download content to attach to a presentation or patient chart.
  • Cellular Stipend: Our residents are pager free! Personal cell phones are used for call, urgent program updates, duty hour reporting (New Innovations© app) and email services, residents receive a cellular stipend added to direct deposit bi-weekly pay.
  • Touch Screen Laptops with full size monitor and keyboard docking stations in the resident offices. Residents have the freedom to move around with their laptops and view patient charts and images on a larger screen and keyboard at their work station. Portable dictation microphones are also included in the IT package for easier and more efficient charting.
  • Hospital Meal Plan: Resident meals are provided free of charge up to $18 a day while on duty. Snacks and drinks are stocked in the resident offices daily.

This page was last modified on April 13, 2017