Texas OPTI Resident Council

rescounsThe OPTI shall provide a means for trainees to report without reprisal, inconsistencies, violations, or disregard for published work hour policies to the OPTI through their designated representative on the OGME Committee.

The Texas OPTI Resident Council exists so that Texas OPTI interns, residents and fellows may discuss their work-related concerns confidentially with the Resident Council Advisor. Program directors and fellow residents nominate individuals to serve as representatives for their respective institutions.

The Resident Council meets annually on the UNTHSC campus to discuss concerns including work hours, quality of programs, and evaluations. In addition, topics such as conference attendance, research participation and projects, availability of online library resources, communications from the Texas OPTI Office, and any other pertinent issues are discussed.

The Resident Council members have 24/7 access to the Resident Council Advisor via text or mobile phone to discuss issues. If there is a concern or challenge, the Resident Council Advisor assesses the situation and provides the resident with advice, and, if applicable, discusses with the Associate Dean / Texas OPTI Officer to identify an appropriate resolution.

Texas OPTI Resident Council Members

Dr. Jimmie Bui at Bay Area Medical Center
Dr. Kirby Farnsworth at Conroe Medical Education Foundation
Dr. Shaun Garff Brennan at Methodist Charlton Medical
Dr. Juan Flores at Plaza Medical Center
Dr. Brighton Miller at Texoma Medical Center
Dr. Katherine Pederson at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

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