Electives Options for Residents

A Medical Spanish Institute

Jorge Duchicela, MD
Cachamsi Director

Goal: This intensive clinical experience allows participants to acquire Spanish language skills in a rich environment through:

1) Clinical rotations supervised by teaching faculty
2) Structured medical Spanish classes

In an effort to meet the growing need of United States physicians trained to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients, the non-profit international medical program, Cachamsi, would like to invite you to consider spending several weeks abroad in Ecuador. Cachamsi offers flexible opportunities for medical students, resident doctors, and other practitioners. Find out more here.


Family Medicine Survivorship Rotation

Lewis E. Foxhall, MD
Vice President for Health Policy

Goal: To educate Family Medicine residents about managing the care of cancer survivors, equipping them to provide appropriate care for cancer survivors in their practices.

Participants: Second and third-year family medicine residents from accredited programs (AOA and ACGME.)

Length of rotation: Four weeks; longer term experience available at your program director’s discretion.


Rotation in Academic Medicine

Brenda Wilson, BS
Educational Coordinator/Instructor

Goal: You will examine the roles, activities, expectations, job opportunities, salaries, and value systems of faculty members in Family Medicine residency programs and departments.

Participants: Second or third-year residents who desire exposure to the career option of academic Family Medicine and/or who wish to improve their teaching or research skills.

Length of rotation: Rotations can be one to four weeks and may be scheduled at any time by arrangement. Two-month lead time is strongly recommended. If scheduled during the FDC Faculty Fellowship, the rotation enables participating residents to interact with FDC Fellows and visiting state and national experts in medical education. Fellowship segments are: September, January, and April.

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