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One of the strengths of our pediatric residency program is the outstanding quality of our faculty and our residents, who represent a diverse group of professionals from throughout the country and the world. We have a deep commitment to the health and well-being of children.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital pediatric residency program provides the opportunity to experience all facets of pediatric medicine, from the most complex intensive care to that of general pediatrics. This experience is accomplished in a warm and inviting setting. We work hard to provide an environment where residents are respected, nurtured and supported. Maintaining a sense of family is paramount in our program and this starts at the top. There is an “open-door, no appointment needed” policy for any resident wishing to personally meet with the Program Director to discuss any issue or concern.

Our residency program provides a balanced education with emphasis on a strong foundation in general pediatrics. The primary focus of Driscoll Children’s Hospital pediatric residency is to prepare our residents for a lifetime of quality involvement and self-study in the medical care of children, either in primary care or subspecialty medicine, through evidence-based medicine.

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