Victoria James

B.Mus. Music with Instrumental Teaching, University of Chichester

M.A. Music Education: Instrumental and Vocal Teaching

Victoria James is an upper strings teacher from North Wales, UK. Victoria completed her undergraduate degree at University of Chichester, combining performance and pedagogy under the tutelage of Emilian Dascal. Victoria went on to obtain her masters at university of york where her dissertation focused on pre-college musicians, awareness and knowledge of performance related injuries, involving pupils from music services across the UK. Following her masters, Victoria has been working as a peripatetic upper strings teacher in Yorkshire, UK. As a performer, Victoria has performed in various orchestras, quartets and pit bands, participating in a number of tours across the UK, Channel Islands, France and New York.

Victorias interest in Performing Arts Health was sparked when she herself was a young performer taking part in an intensive summer program with the North Wales Youth Orchestra. Here, she became aware of the physical demands on young musicians, and the need to look after your body to aid performance. Victorias studies, and her work as a peripatetic teacher has confirmed her belief that further research is necessary in this field for the future health of young performers. This has led to Victoria wanting to develop Performing Arts Health education for school aged musicians.