Gabe Evens

Gabe Evens headshot

Gabe Evens has been a professional pianist, vocalist, accordionist, composer, arranger and teacher since 1988. His commissioned works include music for orchestra, big band, string quartet, vocal ensemble, woodwind ensemble, percussion ensemble, percussion duo, mixed chamber ensemble, funk band and small jazz ensemble. He is currently in his final year of a doctoral program at the University of North Texas in jazz performance with an emphasis on arranging and composition.

Evens has taught hundreds of students both privately at the University of North Texas, Duke University, University of Miami, International College of Music in Kuala Lumpur, and University of Malaya. His classroom teaching includes ensemble, composition, arranging, theory, ear training and Alexander Technique.

He is currently working with Dr. Chesky and the Texas Center for Performing Arts Health to research the efficacy of the Alexander Technique on college music students in a classroom setting. Evens will analyze data produced by student surveys distributed through the Alexander Technique course that he is currently teaching.