Brian McGoldrick

BM University of Oregon
MM University of Memphis

Brian is a PhD student and researcher from San Diego, CA. Before moving to Denton, Brian earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in euphonium performance from the University of Oregon and University of Memphis respectively.

Brian’s interest in the field of performing arts health began early in his Master’s education after realizing the dearth of research regarding mental health issues in higher education schools of music. During his time at the U of M, he organized multiple public forums designed to disseminate data regarding mental health in higher education student populations, and to confront and discuss preconceived notions shared by music students that served as a detriment to mental health.

Brian has recently presented at conferences or had presentations accepted across multiple disciplinary-focuses including the International Women’s Brass Conference, The Spring Southeast Regional Society for Music Theory meeting, and the Performing Arts Health Association International Symposium.

Since joining the PhD program, he has had the opportunity to study with and under faculty from the UNT Center for Sports Psychology and the UNT Health Science Center. Brian’s current research emphasis is on mental health and interventive auditory health measures in student and professional student populations.