TCOM Summer Workshops

The UNTHSC Center for Academic Performance

is proud to offer these low-cost summer workshops for incoming DO, PA, & DPT students. Not only will you have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge in these areas, in the live workshops you will have the opportunity to meet new classmates, gain beneficial new knowledge, and be exposed to the curriculum teaching/learning style . The facts and study tips presented will be “high yield” and designed to help you succeed in the classroom.The Anatomy workshop takes a unique inter-professional approach to the curriculum and the lab experience.

Incoming DO students are eligible to enroll in: Biochemistry Refresher, TCOM PREP, & Anatomy workshops.

Incoming PA students are eligible to enroll in both the Anatomy and Physiology workshops.

Incoming DPT students are eligible to enroll in the Anatomy workshop.

Registration for Summer 2015 Workshop Series is now open.  Registration is online. Registration closes at 5 pm on Friday, June 26th.

Payment must be submitted online when you register for the workshop (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express).

Summer 2015 Workshops Include:

Live Workshops
Monday, July 6 through Friday, July 10

Biochemistry Workshop
Anatomy Workshop
Physiology Workshop

Online Workshop

Workshop Descriptions

Anatomy Workshop
Open to all incoming DO, PA, and DPT Students
July 6-10
Afternoon Workshop
1 – 5 pm

Details: This workshop is structured to introduce the basic concepts of anatomy, and is designed for incoming students with little or no previous cadaver-based anatomical experiences. Students will participate in discussions with faculty and former anatomy students on the “best approach” to study anatomy, learn anatomical terminology, and experience a sample exam that models the presentation of difficult anatomical concepts. Students will begin to discover the organ systems through the study of skeletal material and previously dissected human organs, and whole cadavers. The workshop will include time in the gross anatomy laboratory studying human cadavers, and will emphasize laboratory safety as well as lab study strategies.

Biochemistry Refresher Workshop
Open to all incoming DO students
July 6-10
Morning Workshop
8 am – 12 noon

Details: This rapid one-week workshop is a refresher for students prior to medical school. It serves as a review of biochemical pathways and biochemistry concepts. It is intended to complement an elementary foundation for students who feel weak in the area of biochemistry, and to facilitate techniques that may help the study of biochemistry in medical school.

Physiology Workshop
Open to all incoming PA students
July 6-10
Morning Workshop
8 am – 12 noon

This workshop aims to introduce fundamental principles of physiology for students prior to PA Study Program. It facilitates students to study how our systems are integrated to regulate homeostasis under physiological states. Students are expected to understand basic concepts and terminologies of cardiovascular function, respiratory physiology, renal function, digestive physiology, and skeletal muscle physiology, and neuro-humoral control of functions of those systems.

PREP-Med Workshop
Open to all incoming DO students
Online Workshop
Begins July 6

Details: Want an idea of the first year of medical school? PREP is a professional development model designed to help you plan for a successful medical school experience and a smooth transition into your future role as a physician. The acronym PREP stands for four professional skills that are key to your academic success and future career-
Planning throughout the medical school program to identify and successfully achieve your goals.

  • Developing resilience and tenacity to thrive through personal and professional changes.
  • Practicing active engagement in acquiring skills necessary to attain your academic and career goals.
  • Attaining high standards of professionalism in the classroom and the clinics.

This one-day workshop will cover all the details of the first year including: an overview and study tips for each systems course, a preview of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, etiquette for working in the clinics, basic clinical skills (blood pressure), and a  timeline of the next four years. If you really want to get ahead, this is the workshop for you!

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