TCOM Secondary Admissions Application

Online Application Instructions

Please take your time and thoroughly complete the secondary application. Information that you provide in this application will be used in conjunction with your TMDSAS application during the review process. The deadline for the Secondary Application is October 15th. However to be considered for an offer as early as November 15th, you will need to complete your application by September 1st. Applications will be considered for interview in the order they were completed. There is no fee for the secondary application.

General Instructions

    • Creating a login — Your Application ID and Application PIN are self-created; we recommend using a login that you will remember in the event that you save your application in progress and need to return to it later. If you forget your ID and/or PIN please contact our office for assistance.
    • Required Information — An asterisk (*) indicates questions that require a response. You will not be able to submit the application if you leave any required fields blank. This includes the two short answer essays on the first page; failure to save data in these fields will not allow you to save anything on your application, and you will need to recreate a login and start over.
    • Looking up Information — If you need to look up valid choices for a particular field, click on the magnifying glass search tool . When you click “Lookup”, a list of choices will appear; click on the one you want. Your choice will appear in the application field.
    • Multiple Tabs — The secondary application has multiple pages that are represented by tabs across the top and by links highlighted in blue across the bottom. Make sure you review the questions on each page before submitting the application.Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.03.31
    • Previous Page/Next Page — To navigate from page-to-page, click on these buttons located on the bottom of the page or click on the tabs above.
    • Save vs Submit — It is possible to start the application and save it without submitting. Saving will allow you to return to the application and continue working on the document as many times as you wish. Once you submit the application, you will no longer will be able to change the contents of the application. Submission of the application will complete the secondary application requirement.
      Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.09.05
    • Adding/Subtracting Rows — Certain objects will allow you to add and subtract rows depending on the information that you wish to input. If you wish to add a row, click the button. If you wish to delete a row, click the button.
    • Additional Letters of Evaluation — You can submit an additional letter of evaluation to our office. If you do so, please indicate who will write the letter and whether or not they are a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).
      Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.09.44
  • After submission — please contact our office if you have any changes or updates to your application, including changes to your status with special programs, new planned MCAT test dates, letters of evaluation, or any other relevant information or materials for your application.

Contact Information:
UNT Health Science Center
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Ft. Worth, TX 76107
Phone: 817-735-2204 or 800-535-TCOM

This page was last modified on August 24, 2018