TCOM Student Research


Pediatric Research Program

A summer research program in pediatrics is available to rising second year medical students in conjunction with the Department of Pediatrics and Cook Children’s Medical Center.  This four week program provides an introductory learning experience on a wide range of pediatric related research projects.  Students participating in this program may qualify for stipends.

The Pediatric Research Program is now closed to applications.

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Honors Research Practicum

The Honors Research Practicum has an overarching goal of providing lifelong competency in research methods and is open to second year students on a competitive basis.  The practicum includes twenty hours of research didactics, a hypothesis driven research project under the direction of a research mentor, and a scholarly presentation at the Health Science Center’s annual Research Appreciation Day.


Research Elective (one month)

Third and fourth year medical students may take advantage of a one month research elective on a topic of their choice.


Dual-Degree Programs

For TCOM students interested in a more rigorous research experience dual-degree programs in partnership with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences or the School of Public Health are available that lead to a DO/PhD, DO/MS or DO/MPH upon completion.


Previous Student Projects

In previous years, students have completed projects on a variety of topic areas including cardiac arrest, physical activity, aging, oncology, STDs, and sleep.  Recent projects include:


  • Association of Sleep and Physical Activity in Adolescents (Mentor: Roane)
  • Examining Risk Markers in People Vulnerable for TIA (Mentor: Nejtek)
  • HPV Genotype Distribution of Sex Workers and Substance Abusing Women (Mentor: Felini)
  • Impact of Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation on Myocardial Structure and Protein Biochemistry (Mentor: Yurvati/Mallet)
  • Physical Activity in School: Attitudes and Behaviors Among Children at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Mentor: Fernando)
  • Relationship Between Dysphoria and Apathy and Inflammatory Markers such as IL6 in Alzheimer’s Manifestations of Depression (Mentor: Barber)
  • Reproductive Health in Female Childhood and Adolescent Survivors of Cook Children’s: Life After Cancer Programs (Mentor: Bowman)