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What is a Microcredential

  • Microcredentials are learning experiences that verify, validate, and attest that specific skills and competencies have been achieved
    • Differ from traditional degrees and certificates
      • Offered in shorter, self-paced, or flexible timespans
      • Tend to be more narrowly focused on a topic
  • Why earn a microcredential?
    • Provides additional evidence of research experience for residency applications
    • Employers are increasingly engaging in skills-based hiring
      • Differentiate yourself from other candidates with similar degrees and experience
        • Provides verification of extended training
        • Demonstrates competence in career-focused skills
    • Acquiring new degrees is not the right fit for every learner
      • Degrees don’t always indicate important skills a learner has developed
      • Contribute to professional requirements to earn continuing education credits

How to obtain the HSC Health Sciences Research Microcredential

  • This microcredential represents efforts above and beyond in the field of health sciences research. There are a variety of research experiences available for health sciences students, however many times these experiences do not culminate in a formal presentation or journal article that demonstrates the student’s aptitude for research.
  • Earners of this microcredential have demonstrated their capacity to conduct health sciences research by their participation in an extensive research program at or approved by the University of North Texas Health Science Center and presentation of research to a local or national conference.
  • This course is free for all HSC students.
  • Required Milestones
    1. Human Subjects Research Training
    2. Complete an Approved Research Program
      • Upload documentation from a faculty leader in the approved program you completed, in the form of a letter or certificate.
        • Students will participate in and complete one of the HSC-approved programs, see the list below.
        • Documentation from a faculty leader in the program, in the form of a letter or certificate, is required as proof of completion.
    3. Original Research Summary
      • Submit a summary or abstract of your original research proposal that you have created under the guidance of your faculty mentor
        • Students perform medical research under the guidance of a faculty mentor
        • This culminates in a formal written abstract or summary of the work performed
    4. Research Conference Presentation
      • Students will submit their research for acceptance to a local or national conference in the form of a poster or oral presentation
        • Allows students to share their research efforts with the campus community and the public
      • Present at Research Appreciation Day (RAD) or another peer-reviewed research conference
        • Upload your poster or conference presentation PowerPoint/paper
        • Upload the acceptance letter/notification you received for you to present
        • Upload a five-minute video presentation of your research

HSC-Approved Research Programs

  • Institute of Translational Research (ITR) Summer Fellowship Program
  • Pediatric Research Program (PRP)
  • Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR)
  • PRECISION Clinical Research Fellowship Program
  • Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Honors Research Practicum
  • NIH Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (IPPCR)
  • If you are working with an independent faculty mentor
    • You can enroll in the Health Sciences Research microcredential course
    • This course is free for all UNTHSC students
    • Contact the Office of the Associate Dean of Research at to request a promotional code and to receive further instructions

How to sign up for the HSC Health Sciences Microcredential

  • Portfolium is the platform that manages enrollment and completion of HSC microcredentials
    • Portfolium accounts are free for all HSC students
    • Earned microcredentials are sharable to other platforms such as
      • LinkedIn
      • Personal websites
      • A link/QR code on your resume or CV
  • Follow the steps below to sign up for the microcredential
    • Step 1
      • Contact the Office of the Associate Dean of Research at to request a promotional code and to receive further instructions
    • Step 2
      • Skip this step if you already have a Portfolium account
      • Create a Portfolium account: HSC Login | Portfolium
        • Use your HSC email address to sign up
        • Select your institution as UNT Health Science Center
    • Step 3
  • If you have any questions about Portfolium or microcredentials at UNTHSC, email for assistance