TCOM Career Development Resources


The TCOM Career Development Office
works closely with medical students from matriculation through graduation.


Pre-Residency Counseling

The TCOM Career Development offers individual meetings to students in year one or year two to discuss topics related to residency preparation. Students who wish to discuss what they can do to be more competitive for specific specialties or those who have general concerns and are seeking professional advice. Meetings are by request only.


During year 2

The TCOM Career Development Office will present to all of the TCOM Advisory Colleges during year Spring OMSI and OMSII  to provide a high level look at the residency application process.

During year two, GME/Residency Program Coordinator and Lauren Goodpaster meet with second year students for the Careers in Medicine Lunch series (beginning in September) to discuss a more detailed look at the residency process (*this is a required part of the TCOM curriculum.) Each student must attend one session. The lunches are designed to get you thinking about what career path might be best for you, and they allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


During year 3

Students participate in required Residency Counseling with the TCOM Residency Counseling, Melva Landrum.   During these meetings, students will develop a strategic action plan outlining the most feasible path for them to match.


During year 4

The TCOM Career Development Office will provide follow-up residency counseling that focuses on interview and match strategy.  We realize that some students may require several meetings, or have a change of heart about their chosen specialty, and are happy to assist!  In addition, the TCOM Career Development Office partners with the UNTHSC Career Center team to conduct residency interview preparation interviews and will also mock interview resources.