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Mission Statement


To help students identify career goals and pathways, explore specialty and practice options, choose a specialty that best suits their individual needs, select and apply to the residency programs of their choice, match successfully, and cultivate long-term medical career satisfaction.

2014-2015 TCOM CiM Career Development Class Officers

– Student Doctor Alexandria Haselhorst, 2015
– Student Doctor Hayley Marshall, 2015
– Student Doctor Amir Ahmadian, 2016
– Student Doctor Mary Shipman, 2016
– Student Doctor Daniel Nguyen, 2017
– Student Doctor Erin Murphy, 2017
Student Doctor Cathy Xie, 2018
Student Doctor TBA, 2018

The CiM Career Development Student Council was born out of a desire to be even more responsive to students’ professional development needs throughout all four years of their medical school career. All students are encouraged to communicate with their class representatives regarding how the Career Development Office can best support their professional development during each semester of their medical school career.

By having regular dialogue with representatives from all four classes, the CiM CD Team is able to better serve TCOM students every step of the way , from contemplating their future area of medical practice to one-on-one coaching in preparation for residency interviews. The CiM CDSC meets every three months to discuss students’ questions and needs, and how the CD Team can best help students navigate the residency selection, application, and match process. The CiM CDSC supports the CD Team’s goal to help ensure that students are as prepared as possible to pursue their academic and career goals as they approach their third and fourth years of medical school.”

Student Doctor Christine Rollins, OMS4


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