Clinical Departments

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TCOM Community Medicine
Robert Richard, DO
Chair for Community Medicine Department
Assistant Professor
Phone: 817.702.6100
Office: 1650 S. Beach Street – 76105

Tu Le
Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 817.702.6111
Office: 1650 S. Beach Street – 76105


TCOM Family Medicine
Frank Filipetto, DO, PACOFP

Chair for Family Medicine Department
Phone: 817.735.0126
Office: PCC-200

Desiree Gatewood
Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 817.735.0126
Office: PCC-2


TCOM Internal Medicine
Darrin D’Agostino, DO, MPH
Chair for Internal Medicine Department
Phone: 817.735.2919
Office: PCC-478

Ashlee Dickerson
Administrative Manager
Phone: 817.735.2639
Office: PCC-600

Roman Ramirez
Senior Administrative Services Officer
Phone: 817.735.5461
Office: PCC-494



TCOM Manipulative Medicine
David C. Mason, DO, FACOFP
Chair for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Department
Phone: 817.735.2699
Office: MET-560

Donna Hollon
Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 817.735.0633
Office: MET-561



TCOM Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ralph Anderson, MD
Chair for Obstetrics & Gynecology Department
Assistant Professor
Phone: 817.735.2198
Office: PCC-609

Susan Willis
Department Administrative Director
Phone: 817.735.0374
Office: PCC-601

Leah Zimmerman
Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 817.735.0141
Office: PCC-608


TCOM Orthopaedic Surgery
David Lichtman, MD
Chair for Orthopaedic Surgery Department
Phone: 817.735.2926
Office: Ben Hogan Center, Suite 400

Dave Crane, MA, MPH
Department Administrative Director
Phone: 817.735.2413
Office: Ben Hogan Center, Suite 400

Sandra Humphrey
Administrative Specialist
Phone: 817.735.2909
Office: Ben Hogan Center, Suite 400


TCOM Pediatrics
Paul Bowman, MD
Chair for Pediatrics Department
Phone: 817.735.0349
Office: PCC-118

Alton Neyland
Administrative Director
Phone: 817.735.2425
Office: PCC-116

Linda Rider
Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 817.735.0349
Office: PCC-117


TCOM Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
Alan Podawiltz, DO, MS, FAPA
Chair for Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Department
Phone: 817.735.2404
Office: PCC-490

Christina Burress, MBA
Associate Director
Adjunct Instructor
Phone: 817.735.2718
Office: PCC-489

Sharon Hunter
Administrative Associate
Phone: 817.735.2715
Office: PCC-487


TCOM Surgery
Albert Yurvati, DO

Chair for Surgery Department
Phone: 817.735.5450
Office: PCC-582

DeeAnn McKinney
Assistant to the Chair II
Phone: 817.735.2415
Office: PCC-581

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