Administrative Departments

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Academic Affairs

Frank Filipetto, DO, FACOFP
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Chair for Medical Education Department
Phone: 817.735.2528
Office: MET-340H

Richard Baldwin, DO
Associate Professor
Phone: 817.735.2007
Office: MET-340A

Linda Cunningham, MD
Associate Professor
Phone: 817.735.2671
Office: MET-340B

Michael Oglesby, PhD
Year 2 Curriculum Director
Phone: 817.735.2067
Office: MET-340G

Penelope Ries, DO
Assistant Professor
Phone: 817.735.2726
Office: MET-340D

Roy Martin, DMin
Assistant Professor
Phone: 817.735.0574
Office: MET-340R

Carolyn Mosley-Reney, MEd
Academic Program Manager
Phone: 817.735.2059
Office: MET-340F

Amy Chambers
Academic Program Manager
Phone: 817.735.2194
Office: MET-340E

Laura Hopkins
Senior Administrative Associate/Clinical Medicine Coordinator
Phone: 817.735.5043
Office: MET-340C

Erin Milam
Executive Assistant
Phone: 817.735.2528
Office: MET-W3S

Simulation & Classroom Technology

Tony Martinez
Technical Support II
Phone: 817.735.2439
Office: MET-408

Clinical Education

Rynn Ziller, EdD
Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 817.735.2537
Office: MET-340S

Lisa Maldonado
Assistant Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 817.735.2624
Office: MET-340Q

Ana Macias
Academic Program Specialist
Phone: 817.735.2537
Office: MET-W3N

Laura Fuller
Academic Program Specialist
Phone: 817.735.2559
Office: MET-W3P

Mesa Herod
Academic Program Specialist
Phone: 817.735.2765
Office: MET-W3Q

Admissions & Outreach

Mike Kennedy, EdD
Director of Admissions
Phone: 817.735.2204
Office: MET 3rd Floor

Patrick Middleton
Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone: 817.735.2226
Office: MET 3rd Floor

Caroline Hunter
Admissions Assistant Director
Phone: 817.735.2240
Office: MET 3rd Floor

Ann Smith
Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 817.735.2205
Student Service Center

Caroline Gourley
Recruitment/Admissions Associate
Phone: 817.735.2208
Student Service Center

Stephanie Harris
Student Records Associate
Phone: 817.735.2256
Student Service Center

Julie Schwartz
Executive Assistant
Phone: 817.735.2988
Student Service Center

Office of Rural Medical Education

John R. Bowling, DO, FACOFP dist.
Assistant Dean of Rural Medical Education
Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Phone: 817.735.2275
Office: MET-330G

A. Clifton Cage, DO, ACOFP
Associate Professor
Phone: 817.735.2243
Office: MET-W3L

Lee Ann Cunningham
Rural Community Assistant Director
Phone: 817.735.0186
Office: MET-330H

Kaily Owens
Executive Assistant
Phone: 817.735.2275
Office: MET-W3J

Sarah Taylor
Senior Administrative Associate
Phone: 817.735.2442
Office: MET-W3K

Stacy Abraham
Research Assistant Director
Phone: 817.735.2354
Office: MET-330J

Clinical Research

John C. Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Phone: 817.735.5410
Office: CBH-417

Cathleen Kearns
Research Assistant Director
Phone: 817.735.0515
Office: CBH-419

Office of Clinical Trials

Vicki Cannon, RN, CCRC
Director of Clinical Trials
Phone: 817.735.0284

Cristina Macias
Financial Manager
Phone: 817.735.5422
Office: PCC-302

Tina McCall
Compliance Manager
Phone: 817.735.2741
Office: MET-301

Curricular Design & Faculty Development

Frank Papa, DO, PhD
Associate Dean
Phone: 817.735.5007
Office: MET-320H

Graduate Medical Education & Educational Programs

Lisa R. Nash, DO
Associate Dean for Educational Programs
Texas OPTI Academic Officer
Phone: 817.735.2149
Office: MET-330F

Melva Landrum
Career Development Coordinator
Phone: 817.735.5103

Kimberly Warfield
Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 817.735.2498
Office: PCC-312

Jessica Chavez, MiM
OPTI Administrator
Phone: 817.735.2149

Sterling Hunter
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 817.735.5103
Office: MET-W3H

Faculty Development Center

Cindy Passmore, MA
Director of Faculty Development Center
Phone: 817.735.2383
Office: MET-330K

Brenda Wilson
Educational Program Manager
Phone: 817.735.2383
Office: MET-330K

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