PopTalk Podcasts – A Variety of Population Health Based Topics


Img 2671 Podcast Photo Fernando 2Welcome PopTalk, a new podcast from the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and Women’s Health. Through these podcasts, we hope to introduce our listeners to a variety of population health based topics, from cutting edge developments to clearing up common misconceptions.Podcast Icon 512x512

The PopTalk! Podcast can be streamed through any major streaming platform, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. In addition, our episodes are also available on our Facebook page, @poptalkunthsc. We hope you enjoy our episodes, and if you have questions you’d like answered, send us a message on any of our social media sites.


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The links below will take you to the Podcasts 


Episode 1:  Introductions


Episode 2:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Facts and Myths


Episode 3:  Black Maternal Health Week


Episode 3.5: Interlude


Episode 4:  Food Insecurity in the COVID Era


Episode 5: Racism and Social Injustice in Healthcare and Research


Episode 6:  Structural Racism in Health Insurance


Episode 7:  Racism in Housing and its Impact on Health


Episode 8:  What Now?  (discussion on racism’s history in healthcare, in housing and insurance)


Episode 9:  Leukemia


Episode 10:  Sex Trafficking


Episode 11:  World AIDS Day


Episode 12:  The Opioid Epidemic


Episode 13:  The COVID Vaccine:  What It Means for you and Breaking Myths


Episode 12: Season Finale


In our season 1 finale episode, we reflect on our journey, from the first beginning of 2020 up until the middle of 2021. We have come a long way, and have had numerous interesting and exciting guests in our schedule. We hope that you have enjoyed listening to season 1, and can’t wait until our next season begins in June 2021. Thank you for taking this adventure with us through the world of population health!


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