Pediatric Research Program (PRP)



Deadline to submit an application is:      1/31/2024


  • To provide a mentored research experience for TCOM medical students to enhance research awareness and knowledge

Who Can Participate:

  • Any 1st YEAR – UNTHSC TCOM Medical Student who:
  • Is in good academic standing
  • Completes:
    • First year of TCOM medical school
    • An application to participate in the Pediatric Research Program
    • All required learning modules
    • Has been accepted into Program and has an approved research mentor


  • Pediatric Research Student Scholar Status (certificate)
  • Introduced to research environment
  • Improve skills in clinical/community/translational research, data collection/analysis
  • Learn/practice presentations
  • Tips for preparing case reports and research articles
  • Opportunity to present work at local (RAD or CCMC)/regional/national platforms
  • Publications (abstracts, case reports, case series, research articles and reviews)

General Program Timeline:

January Applications accepted
February PRP Team will complete interviews with the applicants
April-May PRP Team will finalize commitments from all Mentors

PRP Team will send students assigned

June All PRP students will attend a  Orientation Session
June – July PRP students will complete Online Didactic Research Training Modules on Canvas

Mentors for Community, Translational and Epidemiology/Population Data Projects will interact with their mentees to assign and work on designated topic/research article/project

Fall:  September – December Student Presentations: Student(s) present to Mentors or CSAs and peers a PowerPoint summary of their assigned case/topic/project

Presentation time: 15 min (including Q&A)

Surveys Participants will complete two surveys (1. After the completion of 2nd week; 2. At the completion of the program)
Continuation The mentee-mentor interactions may continue with mutual understanding and time availability
Expectations of Mentees Expectations of Mentees:

Attend orientation and complete assigned tasks (didactics) on canvas.

Interact with mentors and work with them to select a topic/project if applicable.

Attend meetings and incorporate the feedback from mentors.

Prepare a Power Point presentation of case study and/or research topic and present in a group session when scheduled as part of PRP presentations during fall semester

Participation Certificates and Microcredential: Student participants will receive ‘Participation Certificate’ and “Micro-credentials” after completing fall presentations.


Research Program students

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Program Email: 

Program Contacts:

Bui Priya, DO
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Pediatrics and Women’s Health
Riyaz Basha, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair for Research
Department of Pediatrics and Women’s Health
David Farbo, PhD
Research Project Manager
Cook Children’s Health Care System
Leah Zimmerman
Research Project Coordinator
Department of Pediatrics and Women’s Health

A special mention and thank you to the Founder of the Pediatric Research Program
W. Paul Bowman, MD
Professor and Former Chair
Department of Pediatrics and Women’s Health,  UNTHSC/TCOM (Retired 2021)