Student American Academy of Osteopathy


Advisor:  Sajid Surve, DO

Administrative Support:  Toni Allen and Casey Powers

The student academy is a way to get all students involved in the national organization that represents osteopathic manipulative medicine.  The American Academy of Osteopathy holds its national convocation in March every year.  It is attended by over 600 students nationally, which rivals the number of DO’s that attend.

The TCOM SAAO also sponsors and staffs a monthly soft tissue training session for the UNTHSC faculty, staff, and students.  It is advertised via student email, bulletin boards, and university postings.  Faculty, staff, and students receive soft tissue treatments from first, second, and third-year students under the supervision of an OMM faculty member and resident.  The soft tissue draws in 10-30 patients a month, who are treated over a two hour period the second Wednesday of every month in the OMM Lab on the fourth floor of the MET building.

SAAO officers and members volunteer for the Cowtown Marathon, Hispanic Wellness Fair, UNTHSC Health Fairs, and the MS Bike 150 to perform soft tissue training sessions to athletes and community members.

This page was last modified on July 29, 2015