Preclinical Coursework Description

All preclinical systems courses are graded on a Pass/Fail/Honors basis. Students move through a two pass sequence of organ system courses in the context of patient clinical presentations. The first pass emphasizes normal structure and function and basic principles of disease. The second pass integrates the previously learned material and expands it to focus on clinical presentations of common and important clinical conditions.

The Medical Practice courses apply and integrate the medical knowledge with the important psychomotor skills of physical examination, osteopathic manipulative medicine, communication, emotional intelligence, and other components involved in patient encounters.

The Professional Identity and Health Systems Practice Course is a mindful, purposeful course for students to develop their Professional Identity within the context of Health Systems Science. Students receive foundational content on: Ethics, Innovation, Patient Safety, Population/Public Health, Interprofessional Education, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention that will be built on further during the clinical years.