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TCOM Talk Podcast: Episode 5

TCOM Talk Podcast: Episode 4

TCOM Talk Newsletter: 12/16/2019

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TCOM Talk Podcast: Episode 3

TCOM Talk Podcast

Episode 2 – Performing Arts Medicine and Powderpuff Football

What does the world’s first Performing Arts Medicine Fellowship and Powderpuff football have in common? We talk about both of them on the newest edition of our podcast, TCOM Talk. We learn more about the PAM Fellowship from Dr. Sajid Surve, Dr. Yein Lee and Dr. James Aston and we also get a preview of the Powderpuff football game coming up on October 16 between the TCOM Class of 2022 and Class of 2023.

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Episode 1 – The King of the Xiphoid, Dr. Albert Yurvati

We visit with Dr. Albert Yurvati, a 1986 TCOM graduate, learn why he’s the King of the Xiphoid, how he became a visiting professor to a Scottish University and a very personal and inspiring story of his wife overcoming cancer.

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TCOM Talk Newsletter

LicciardonepicResearch shows TCOM and the osteopathic approach is making a difference. Dr. Ross and Dr. Severance were honored for their work in Geriatric Education and the world’s first Performing Arts Medicine Fellowship began at TCOM. Read about that and more in the latest version of TCOM Talk. Read More.