Vision, Mission and Goals

Departmental Vision

We strive to continue as an academic department of national stature where patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds are provided the best available care in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex; where students can practice their skills in taking histories, physical examinations, and clinical problem solving in a nurturing environment provided by role modeling and mentoring family physician faculty; where ingenuity and creativity are scholarly activities; where students recognize the important role of the primary care physicians, especially family practitioners, and where students can learn and experience the changes in health services as reflected in managed health care, public health programs and interaction with specialist colleagues.

Mission Statement

The department of Family Medicine fosters innovative, challenging and interactive learning among students, residents and faculty, in the comprehensive specialty of osteopathic family medicine, through direct patient care in our clinics, community outreach, research and collaborative efforts within our department, university, and community.

Departmental Goals

1) Provide a broad-based experience in clinical osteopathic family medicine to serve as a foundation in clinical medicine.

2) Expose students and residents to family practice clinic operations that promote and demonstrate quality and efficiency in both clinical and administrative processes.

3) Teach and practice health promotion; risk reduction and disease prevention to our patients, students and residents through education, practice and research.

4) Develop community partnerships that are mutually beneficial and improve the health status of a targeted community.

5) Foster research and scholarly activities that are applicable to family medicine.

6) Provide professional development to produce faculty who model the goals of the department.

7) Demonstrate the importance of the role of the family physician to the Health Science Center students, resident, clinical/basic science faculty and administrators, particularly in relation to its evolving significance in managed health care.

Departmental Philosophy

The department operates both student and resident clinics and oversees the family practice residency programs in coordination with local hospitals. The intent of these community-oriented ambulatory clinics is to provide a unique learning experiences to both students and residents while providing quality patient care to a variety of patients of all socioeconomic classes and health care systems. Additionally, students are exposed to social problems of the disadvantaged and students, residents and faculty of the department are encouraged to participate in research and scholarly activity to study, publish and present findings in both clinical and behavioral science areas; to interact with the specialist colleagues; to extend the boundaries of the medical school education to rural sites; and to teach in specialty areas of family medicine to include sports and emergency care.


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