Osteopathic and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine 2 Residency

FM OMM Residencies

Residency Director:David Mason, DO, FACOFP
Residency Coordinator:Linda Matthews

The ONMM2 Residency (similar to the AOA NMM/OMM Plus One program) is designed for those who have already completed a residency in another field.

ACGME Program Number 2754800001

It is for physicians who wish to gain NMM certification and to strengthen their osteopathic skills. For example, if you have completed a family medicine residency, your OMM training will focus on a variety of practical problems applicable to family practice. After completing the “R2 year”, you’ll not only be board eligible for dual certification, you’ll have new skills in osteopathic manipulative medicine that can enhance any practice.

It will benefit those who seek to increase their skills in manipulative medicine, who plan to specialize in Neuromusculoskeletal medicine/osteopathic manipulative medicine, or who hope to become a clinical researcher in the field or plan to pursue an academic career at an osteopathic medical school.

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Program Director: David Mason, DO, FACOFP
Residency Coordinator: Linda Matthews
Office: 817.735.2498
Fax: 817.735.0216

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