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Scott Evan Ewing

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Hospital


I began college in a work study program at Texas Instruments in Dallas, TX learning how to be a machinist. I then transitioned to a second work study program at Texas Instruments and became a mechanical engineer with a BSME from SMU in Dallas, TX and a MSME from MIT in Cambridge, MA. I spent 22 years building bombs and missiles in the defense systems business. For my second adult life, I attended medical school at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, TX and completed my post graduate training in internal medicine, general cardiology, and interventional cardiology at Medical City Fort Worth. I have been in private practice now for 12 years

Summary for Poster:

The poster is a summary of a curriculum that I am developing for a future general cardiology fellowship that I am proposing be implemented at Baylor Scott & White All Saints hospital (BASH) here in Fort Worth. General cardiology fellowship training would start in 2022 or 2023. The cornerstone of the requirements for this fellowship are from the ACGME and the American College of Cardiology COCATS training statements. This curriculum is currently an evolving document and will hopefully be used as part of the ACGME fellowship application.



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General Cardiology Fellowship Curriculum

General Cardiology Fellowship Curriculum 2– Scott Ewing, Do