Research Rotation

Students wishing to conduct research during the course of their medical school career are allowed to receive credit for one Research elective rotation.

Complete a Request for Research Form (form available in Canvas)

  • Attach a brief description of project, detailing your study and what you wish to accomplish. This should include an overview of the hypothesis (or area to be examined), the methods that will be employed, and the expected outcomes and analytic methods that will be used. Specific details of the student role in the proposed project should be outlined.
  • If human or animal subjects are involved attach the appropriate IRB or IACUC documents to your research form and submit to Clinical Education.
  • Attach a statement asserting that the amount of time spent in the lab / on your research project will be greater than and or equal to 40 hours per week
  • Submit to the Office of Clinical Education via schedule request in eMedley by the appropriate deadline (see “Dates & Deadlines” in the above navigation pane)
  • At the conclusion of the rotation, a standard TCOM evaluation and a brief narrative of the research activities should be submitted to the Clinical Education office. In this summary, please include any plans for submission of abstracts or manuscripts.

All research requests must be submitted via a schedule request in eMedley, with proper documentation, by the posted schedule request deadline (60 days before the start of the elective). Incomplete requests will be denied.

Direct all questions about submitting a research request to your Osteopathic Student Navigator.