Psychiatry Core Clerkship

Psychiatry Core Clerkship

MEDE 8409

4 week rotation

COMAT Psychiatry exam required


This psychiatric clinical rotation course will equip each student with basic diagnostic skills for common child, adolescent and adult diagnoses.  They will gain an understanding of normal child development and adult human behavior.  They will also be able to formulate a treatment plan, both with medications and various other forms of therapies for each of the common childhood and adult diagnoses described in The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5).

While on the Psychiatry clerkship, students will have the opportunity to maintain a patient log, attend daily didactic sessions, complete a mini-CEX mid-rotations and complete an oral case presentation.

Clerkship Coordinator:

Michelle Daskal

UNTHSC: (817-735-5470)  JPS: (817) 702-3651

Clerkship Director:

Chery Hurd, MD

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