Professionalism and Professional Identity

Course Number: MEDE 7517-7518
Clerkship Length: Year-Long Course


This course is part of the third year TCOM Curriculum. Professionalism and Professional Identity are areas that Residency Directors value.  This course is designed to promote your professional identity and help you achieve Core Competencies and EPA milestones.  Your Professional Identity and Health Systems Practice Course is divided into multiple Sections.  Each Section will have its own syllabus, goals and objectives. All Sections of this course are mandatory and must be passed to move forward to fourth year. Please see the corresponding syllabi for details about the course, requirements and grading.

Clerkship Coordinator:
Clinical Education

Professionalism and System Based Practice Course Director:
Janet Lieto, DO, FACOFP, CMD, CPPS

Health Resources and Education, Section Director:
Amy Raines-Milenkov, DRPH

Innovation, Section Director:
Janet Lieto, DO, FACOFP, CMD, CPPS