International Rotations

The Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at The University of North Texas Health Science Center offers a variety of international programs to promote multi-cultural awareness…and to engage and involve our students, faculty and staff in research projects, education, and outreach activities across the globe.

Our programs are designed to improve cultural sensitivity, offer exposure to diseases not normally seen in the U.S., provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, help medical students hone their history taking and physical skills, increase the exposure of osteopathic medicine beyond the borders of the United States, and provide opportunities for participants to be involved in outreach efforts.

Medical students involved in international rotations will improve and develop their region-specific language and communication skills, facilitate the exchange of educational information, and facilitate a global perspective of health, disease, and health care delivery systems in general.

Fourth year medical students may apply for an international rotation by completing an international clerkship packet as well as the clerkship application and approval form. Your international preceptor must also complete the clerkship application and approval form. It’s very important that you provide us with the contact information for the designated hospital or university (during the application
process) where you plan to rotate so that we may initiate an affiliation agreement.




Questions About the Process?