Internal Medicine Core Clerkship

Course Number: MEDE 8810
Clerkship Length: 8 Weeks
Internal Medicine COMAT required


The clerkship is an eight-week program divided into two four-week sessions. One session is served in the general internal medicine ward service. Under rigorous audit, the clerk is responsible for the care of hospitalized patients. This care includes collection of data from initial evaluation to final disposition. An emphasis is placed on the skills of problem solving (data collection), management, planning, and proper record keeping (criteria of evaluations) using thoroughness, reliability, efficiency, and logic. Manual skills are learned and reinforced. This session also includes case presentations and lectures on specific topics.

This clerkship introduces students to the discipline of internal medicine. During the rotation, students work with general medical ward teams which include residents and faculty. Instruction occurs through direct patient contact, student conferences, and teaching rounds with residents and interns. In addition, students are required to complete a series of virtual (“SIMPLE”) cases to further their understanding of common medical problems and to ensure that they encounter the most important case types.

Clerkship Coordinator

Loren Rowland

Clerkship Director

Scott Ewing, DO