Family Medicine Core Clerkship

Course Number: MEDE 8809
Clerkship Length: 8 weeks
Family Medicine COMAT Required

Syllabus available in Canvas and eMedley

This course is a required 8-week clinical rotation that must be completed during the third year.  Although emphasis is on ambulatory care, students may have the opportunity to follow their assigned patients when inpatient care is required.  Students are assigned to family medicine faculty clinical practices where they experience continuity of care in family practice.  The student is exposed to health care systems (managed care), office management concepts, and practice guidelines with emphasis of clinical application of disease prevention.
While on the family medicine clerkship students will participate in an IPE activity, complete weekly quizzes, and gain knowledge through online modules.

Clerkship Coordinator:
Celeste Castorena

Clerkship Director:
Fredricka Barr, MD

JPS Site Director:
Linda Siy, MD


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