Through the team of Lay Health Educators and the UNT Health Science Center, the Building Bridges Program provides:


 Hlawn First Class


Individual and Group Education (In the participants home language):

  • Healthy Living

  • Breast Health

  • Liver Health/Hepatitis B

  • Cervical Health/HPV

  • Colon Health

Clinical Services:

  • Well-woman exam: Pap Test, Clinical Breast Exam, Hepatitis B screening

  • Mammogram Referrals

  • HPV Vaccines

  • Colon Screenings and Referrals

Navigation Services to:

  • Hepatitis B vaccinations

  • Perinatal Hepatitis B Services

  • Medical Case Management

  • Colon Screenings

Medical Case Management:

  • Abnormal results follow up

  • Medical care for chronic Hepatitis B

  • Cancer diagnosis follow up

    Radhika Outreach