Student Coaching Program

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Campus Commitment to Student Development

The UNT Health Science Center continues to embrace a growing integration of coaching culture and practice as a means of developing our people and achieving our Purpose: To transform lives in order to improve the lives of others. Students are the primary reason behind this purpose, and as One University built on values, in doing so we collectively strive to define and produce the providers of the future. It is therefore the responsibility of the institution, as we are developing the future leaders of the larger community, to model these coaching concepts and prepare all of our students for the transition into the higher calling of the professions into which they will soon be entering.

What is Coaching?

Not to be confused with existing academic or career advising or other available student support services, coaching is also not counseling, mentoring, consulting, or a form of therapy. Instead, coaching is characterized as forging a partnership in order to engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the individual to maximize their personal and professional potential. In other words, coaching is:

  • Focused on the person’s present (instead of dwelling on the past) and supports them into creating a more desirable future,
  • An equal partnership where the coach evokes new ways of thinking and being and the client is responsible for determining their own answers and creating their own solutions
  • Value in the coach’s expertise in the coaching process and communication skills such as listening and thoughtful questioning, and in their ability to facilitate awareness and change.

For more information about the profession of coaching please see visit the International Coach Federation website.

HSC Coaching Philosophy

More information about UNTHSC’s coaching philosophy and program for faculty/staff development can be found on the Office of Culture and Experience Coaching website

Campus Coaches

On-campus Coaches are comprised of a pool of committed faculty and staff from all reaches of the institution. These volunteers are trained through campus-facilitated means and/or through ICF-accredited programs. Coaches are selected through a formal application process based on their experience, dedication to serving, and adherence to Our Values.

Coach Matching and Meeting Structure

Students will be matched with a coach based on alignment of identified preferences and mutual availability. Coaching sessions can be conducted on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis as determined by the student and coach. Once paired with a coach, we ask that students commit to meet with their coach over the course of at least one full semester.

Student Interest Form

Students interested in being matched with a campus coach are asked to fill out this form. Once completed, coach matches will be recommended to the student. The student will be responsible for contacting the potential coach in order to set up time to discuss compatibility and availability.

Coach Interest Form

HSC faculty and staff interesting in serving as a coach can fill out this form. To be eligible, all coaching candidates will be required to have completed an ICF-approved training course or the campus provided training.

For more information, contact the HSC Career Center at