How do I confirm my minimum system requirements?

  • The minimum system requirements are:
    • 4GB free HDD space
      • Open the Apple Menu (Apple icon in top left corner of desktop)
      • Select ‘About This Mac’
      • Click the ‘Storage’ tab in the toolbar
      • Available space will appear
    • 4GB RAM required; 8 GB recommended (Shown as Memory)
    • CPU: Intel or M1 processor (Shown under Processor)
    • MAC OS Version 12.4 (minimum)
      • Open the Apple Menu
      • Select ‘About This Mac

How do I check my Examplify Version?

  • Open Examplify
  • In the top left corner next to the Apple icon, click on ‘Examplify’
  • Click ‘About Examplify’
  • A window should appear that provides the version of Examplify

How do I clear my Examplify Registration?

  • Open Examplify
  • Click on the ‘Home Menu’ in the top right
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • You should be prompted to Clear Registration
  • Click the green ‘Clear Registration’ button
  • Re-open Examplify
  • Enter UNTHSC (University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth) as the Institution ID
  • Use your ID number as the User ID and the password you created for Examplify to login to Examplify

How do I update my macOS?

What is my Examplify User ID?

  • Your Examplify User ID is your student ID number. You can locate it on the back of you ID badge.

What is my Examplify password? I tried to reset it and it doesn’t work?

Testing Environment

Will I be allowed to have scratch paper during my exam?

  • Each program will determine if scratch paper is allowed per assessment. This information may be provided by your program in advance and will be included in the TES email that the exam has been posted to download.

Can I take my exam on a different laptop/desktop?

  • No, all of your high stakes assessments should be taken on your school issued laptop.

What is allowed in the testing room? 

  • Students may bring their own pencils and/or pens, chargers and ethernet cables, and an external mouse.

Can I use earplugs?

  • Yes, earplugs will be provided in the testing room.

I have a runny nose; can I have tissue?

  • You may use tissue during your exam as needed for your runny nose. Please show it to a proctor at the beginning of the exam.