Students may request an exclusion from immunization in the manner described below.

Students who are excluded from immunization requirements upon request based on medical

contraindications or reasons of conscience will be prohibited from engaging in direct patient contact

with potential exposure to blood or bodily fluids in order to protect the patients from illness or

disease. An excluded student will also not be eligible to participate in any volunteer, or paid

experience as a representative of UNTHSC if the experience involves contact with human patients,

human research subjects, human fluids, or human tissues.

*Serological confirmation of immunity – The immunization requirements of the Texas

Department of Health Services are not applicable to students who can properly demonstrate

proof of serological confirmation of immunity.

**Medical contraindications – Students may present a statement from a physician licensed and

registered in the U.S., who has examined the student, to the Chief Medical Officer of UNT

Health in which the physician expresses the opinion that the required vaccinations are

medically contraindicated or pose a significant risk to the health and well-being of the student.

Unless the statement confirms the existence of a lifelong condition, the exemption statement

is valid for only one year from the date of the physician’s signature.

***Reasons of conscience including religious belief – A student must submit a signed affidavit to

the Vice President of Student Affairs stating that the student declines vaccination for reason of

conscience, including because of the student’s religious belief. Exemptions may only be

considered for a religion for which the place of worship is exempt from property tax under

Section 1120 of the Tax Code.

****Active duty with the U.S. armed forces – A student must submit evidence of service on active

duty with the U.S. armed forces.

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Policy 07.108 Immunizations_and_Health_Screenings





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