General Information

  1. All enrolled students at the UNT Health Science Center are required to have health insurance policies in effect at the time of each registration. health insurance policies must be in effect throughout the students entire enrollment period.
  2. Student Health fees cover the following for the student MEMBER ONLY:
    • Access to Care at the Student Health Clinic
    • Access to reduced fees for Quest Laboratory services at the draw station on campus (located on the first floor of the Health Pavilion) by making payment at the Student Health Clinic prior to being seen at the lab.
    • TB testing
    • Flu shotsDocumentation of your student health record
    • Access to the Health Information newsletter created by the Student Health Physician
    • Coverage in case of needle stick injury (please pick up a form at the Student Health Center). You will be seen at another site, but payment will be made on your behalf through the Student Health Clinic.
    • A payment plan option for services provided requiring payment
  3. Students’ insurance policies will govern the payment required. For example, if the policy requires a copayment, one will be collected at the time of service. If the policy requires a deductible, one will be charged in accordance with the insurance policy. The UnitedHealthcare policy offered through the University of North Texas Health Science Center waives these copayments and deductibles for students seen ONLY AT THE STUDENT CLINIC. Any referrals under the UnitedHealthcare policy to specialists will necessitate copayments and/or deductibles according to the insurance policy available online. For information about other policies which suffice for the waiver, please consult your individual insurance policy.
  4. Students may elect to see care outside of the Student Health Clinic. The student is responsible for any costs in accordance with their individual insurance plan in effect.
  5. Lab – The preferred lab for UnitedHealthcare is Lab Corp. Lab forms for Lab Corp are available in the Student Health Clinic. If the convenience of utilizing the Quest Lab on campus is preferred, students can pay a reduced fee negotiated by the Student Health Clinic on behalf of the student, and the student will be responsible for payment to the Student Health Clinic for these services. If the student requests their insurance plan be billed from either the Quest or Lab Corp location, the bill can not be reversed after the fact so as to utilize the reduced price fee negotiated by the Student Health Clinic with Quest.

This page was last modified on March 1, 2018