Student Leadership Academy Curriculum

Student Leadership Academy


The UNTHSC Student Leadership Academy curriculum is based on combining  SLA – Joint Leadership Model


Mandatory Orientation and Introduction to Leadership Seminar

CAS Domain: Knowledge, Acquisition, Integration, Construction, & Application

  • Program Overview and Outline (expectations)
  • Meet and greet fellow peers
  • Meet mentors
  • Separate mentor orientation
  • Approximately 3 hour session on an weekend


Strengths-Based Leadership

CAS Domains: Cognitive Complexity, Intrapersonal Development, Interpersonal Development

  • 1 hour seminar, offered 2 times
  • Take StrengthsFinder assessment prior to attending session
  • Follow ups with mentor
  • Follow ups in Canvas course
  • On-going in additional topics


Intentional Conversations/ Culture and Diversity Round Table

CAS Domains: Interpersonal Development, Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement

  • 2 hour seminar, offered 1 time on a night or weekend
  • Intercultural assessment must be completed ahead of time
  • Roundtables with different topics (gender, socioeconomic backgrounds, culture, ethnicity, etc)
  • Follow ups in Canvas course
  • On-going in additional topics


Professional Communication

CAS Domains: Interpersonal Development, Practical Competence

  • 1 hour seminars, offered 1 time each, must attend one session
  • Faculty sponsor approved
  • Topics:
    • Professional Communication 101
    • Email/Phone communication
    • Communication in the workplace
    • Public Speaking
    • Emotional Intelligence and Communication


Leadership Essentials

CAS Domain: Practical Competence

  • Must attend at least one
  • Faculty sponsor approved
  • Topics:
    • Interview Skills
    • Setting Boundaries as a Professional/ Managing Conflict
    • Resume Workshop
    • Etiquette Dinner


Culminating Service Project

CAS Domains: Knowledge, Acquisition, Integration, Construction, & Application and Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement

  • Student-driven; in groups of 5
  • Milestones throughout program to ensure completion


Mentorship Requirement

CAS Domain: Personal Development

  • Alumni, Faculty, and Staff Mentors
  • Must meet once per semester face to face outside of orientation
  • Create database of potential mentors; students select
  • Recruitment through department chairs
  • Create a document with information about the program to give potential mentors

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