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Everett (EAD) Bldg:
1T3, 1T4, 2T5, 2T6, 2T7, 2T8, 2T9, 3T3, 3T4, 4T3, 4T4, 5T3, 5T4, 6T3, 6T4, 7T3, 7T4, 8T3, & 8T4.
PCC Bldg:
1T5, 1T6, 1T7, 1T8, 1T9, 1T10, 2T5, 2T6, 2T7, 2T8, 2T9, 2T10, 3T5, 3T6, 3T7, 3T8, 3T9, 3T10, 4T5, 4T6, 4T7, 4T8, 4T9, 4T10, 4T11, 5T5, 5T6, 5T7, 5T8, 5T9, 5T10, 5T11, 6T5, 6T6, 6T7, 6T8, 6T9, 6T10, 6T11, & 6T12.
CBH Bldg: Imaging Center
 1T5, 1T6, & 1T7.
MET Bldg:
SurgiCare Center:
1T1,1T3, 1T4, & 1T5
Founders Activity Center (FAC):
2T1 & 2T2.
General Services Bldg:
 T3 & T4
Seminary Clinic:
1T1, 1T2, 1T3, 1T4, 1T5, 1T6, 1T8 & 1T9
800 Clifton St (Blue House):
Student Services Center (SSC) Bldg:
1T3 & 2T3
3632 Modlin Ave. (Sleep Study):
1T1, 1T2, 1T3, 1T4, 1T7, 1T8, 2T1, & 2T2
3633 w. 7TH St:
1T1 & 2T1
1412 May St:
1T1, 1T4, & 1T5
3600 Mattison Ave – Campus Police Offices:
1T1 & 1T2

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