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Off Campus Resources

Please contact the Office of Wellness Service for a printed list of all community resources located in the Student Service Center suite 220.


Diversity & Inclusion Registered Student Organizations

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Acronym Name
AAOWP American Association of Osteopathic Women Physicians
APAMSA Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association
AMOPS Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons
AWS Association of Women Surgeons
BGSA Black Graduate Student Association
CBSG-IVCF Campus Bible Study Group-IVCF
CSA Chinese Student  Association
CMA Christian Medical Association
CMAS Catholic Medical Association of Students
GHI Global Health Initiative
ISA International Student Association
IA Islamic Association
LMSA Latino Medical Student Association
LGBT & AA LGBT and Allies Association
MSM Medical Student Missions (formerly FIMRoC)
MSFC Medical Students For Choice
PHMA Public Health Minority Association
SACNAS Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans
SNMA Student National Medical Association
SVA Student Veterans Association
TRHA Texas Rural Health Association
TGH Timmy Global Health

 *Note: If you feel like an organization is missing from the list please contact the HSC Diversity & Inclusion Team at

List of Single User Restrooms

Everett (EAD) Bldg: 1T3, 1T4, 2T5, 2T6, 2T7, 2T8, 2T9, 3T3, 3T4, 4T3, 4T4, 5T3, 5T4, 6T3, 6T4, 7T3, 7T4, 8T3, & 8T4.
PCC Bldg: 1T5, 1T6, 1T7, 1T8, 1T9, 1T10, 2T5, 2T6, 2T7, 2T8, 2T9, 2T10, 3T5, 3T6, 3T7, 3T8, 3T9, 3T10, 4T5, 4T6, 4T7, 4T8, 4T9, 4T10, 4T11, 5T5, 5T6, 5T7, 5T8, 5T9, 5T10, 5T11, 6T5, 6T6, 6T7, 6T8, 6T9, 6T10, 6T11, & 6T12.
CBH Bldg: Imaging Center  1T5, 1T6, & 1T7.
MET Bldg: 4T3
SurgiCare Center: 1T1,1T3, 1T4, & 1T5
Founders Activity Center (FAC): 2T1 & 2T2.
General Services Bldg:  T3 & T4
Seminary Clinic: 1T1, 1T2, 1T3, 1T4, 1T5, 1T6, 1T8 & 1T9
800 Clifton St (Blue House): 1T1
Student Services Center (SSC) Bldg: 1T3 & 2T3
3632 Modlin Ave. (Sleep Study): 1T1, 1T2, 1T3, 1T4, 1T7, 1T8, 2T1, & 2T2
3633 w. 7TH St: 1T1 & 2T1
1412 May St: 1T1, 1T4, & 1T5
3600 Mattison Ave – Campus Police Offices: 1T1 & 1T2


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