Student Diversity and Inclusion Signature Programs

Cultural and Heritage Celebrations

The world is rich with diversity, which is reflected in the observances celebrated by its various cultures and populations. The HSC Student Diversity & Inclusion Team feel that knowledge of cultural and heritage celebrations will help in increasing cultural awareness and understanding for our campus community.

Intentional Conversation Series

HSC Diversity and Inclusion Team seeks to create community open to discuss the intersectionality and experiences within the diverse setting of healthcare. Our Intentional Conversation Series are once a month session were topics of diverse and it relation to healthcare are discussed and how the impact future healthcare leaders. These conversations are host and conducted by the HSC Student Diversity and Inclusion Team.

Past Conversation Topics:

  • How to have Respectful Conversation with Diverse Groups
  • See the Person and Not the Disability
  • Healthcare and Religion

Partnerships with Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Many of our student organizations are doing fantastic work around diversity and inclusion. The HSC Student Diversity and Inclusion team will launch in the Fall 2017 a partnership form. HSC Student Diversity & Inclusion Team invites RSOs to partner with us! Our alliance will benefit student organization by creating support with HSC Student Diversity & Inclusion Team, Office of Student Development, Diversity RSOs, and other professionals. Our Diversity RSO Partners will have opportunities to put their programming skills to work as we help them bring their programs and events to the UNT Health Science Center community.

Click Here for a list of Diversity & Inclusion Registered Student Organization

State of Humanity

This is annual event where we invite a guest speaker to give there take on current events and the impact on the world around us.

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