Student Fee Advisory Committee

Fiscal Year 2021

September 1, 2020- August 31, 2021

SFAC Committee Members:

Chair: Lori Saunders

Spencer Cushen, GSBS Treasurer

Jarring Damstra, MSGA Representative/Previous Treasurer

Shannen Longridge, PASA Treasurer

Amir Henry, PSGA Treasurer

Aubrey Burdick, PTSA Treasurer

Edward Monroy, PHSGA Treasurer

Seth Willmoth, Staff

Tiffinie Jones, Finance Staff

Emanuel George, Faculty

Peg Demers, Ad hoc

Meagan Cross, Ad hoc

Student Fee Advisory Committee

Upcoming Virtual Meeting Dates:

Wednesday, September 23rd – 12:00 pm


*In accordance with Senate Bill No. 5: Article 7, all SFAC meetings are open and meeting dates, times, place and subject matter will be posted online and in the Daily News at least 72 hours before a meeting is convened.